Credits: Report from Baghdad by Lee Siu Hin

Translator in Iraq:Ahmard ZamanDriver in Iraq:Amer al-JassimGraphic Tasks:Terry Burke – aka elbop

Without the generous help from my friends across the world, my trip to Iraq, and publishing the "Report from Baghdad" CD-ROM within less then two months, will never be possible.

Here are the lists of my friends I need to thank:

In United States:
Alan Minisky, Interim Sr. Producer, Pacifica Radio KPFK, Los Angeles
Armando Gudiño, Program Director, Pacifica Radio KPFK, Los Angeles
Don White, Los Angeles CISPES
David Adelson, LA Sound Posse
Gerard Ungerman and Audrey Brohy- Film Producers
Jason Stelzel
Jennifer Kiser, Interim Programming Assistant, Pacifica Radio KPFK, Los Angeles
John Johnson, Change Links Newspaper
Mark Torres, Pacifica Archive
Sheila Gibbons
Tom Stinnett

In Iraq:
Amer al-Gassim
Cpt Brooks, Press liaison, U.S. Army 1st Battalion, 37th Armored Division in Baghdad
James Longley, Film Producer
Scott Peterson, Christian Science Monitor
Waleed Mudafar

In Jordan:
Jamil, al-Monzer hotel

The trip will not happen unless the support from my parents. They didn't know I went to Iraq, but they support whatever I do.

The 6-months 0%-APR credit cards, without that I will not have money to buy my airline ticket to go to Jordan, and buy my new video camera for the interview.

Also, I thank you the following people who accept my interviews at Iraq:

Scott Peterson, Christian Science Monitor
Caoimhe "Cuiva" Butterly, Voice in the wilderness
Ewa Jasiewicz, Voice in the wilderness
Ramzi Kysia, Voice in the wilderness
Medea Benjamin, Occupation Watch, Global Exchange
Craig Adair, Occupation Watch
Muin Kassis, ICRC in Baghdad
Carel de Rooy, UNICEF in Iraq
Judit Arenas, Amnesty International
Elizabeth Hodgkin, Amnesty International
Ahmad, a Palestine Student from Baghdad University
Yassan, money exchange shop owner
Hamid, captain of the Al Sa'ah "The Watch" Restaurant
Ahemd Said Abed Al-Rhman and his son Hsean, Palestine Refugee camp, Baghdad
Aliaa Ahmed, Dina, Noor, Sarah, Nadine, students from Al-Mostansrya University, Baghdad
Zaiduon Mohamed, Ali Zaky, Ahmed Ibrahim, Firas Tarik, Muhamed Alaa, Mohamed Al-Nayb, Ali-Abd Adab, students from Al-Mostansrya University, Baghdad
Saad Keewn Book seller
Mie Sdn, Book Buyer
Saleh Abdul Al-Risaik, Book Buyer
Jam-Eir Abdu-al, Book seller
Mohammad Al-Haiddary, Imam of Al-Khielany Mosque
Dathar Al-Khashab, Al-Daura oil refinery general manger
Dr. Nazar O. Al-Hadithi
Fwize Speeh, Al-Eitimad natural gas station manager
Abdul Al-Lah Al-Azez , Saad bin Abiy Wakas Mosque in Fallujah
Amer al-Gassim
SFC Delmus R. McGill, TF 1/37 AR 1st BDE 1st AD, Carson, CA
SPC Anthony Parrish, TF 1/37 AR
SPC Jason Gunn, TF 1/37 AR
Bryan Mhoon, Memphis, TN
Omar Saucedo, San Antonio, TX
Ron Lundberg, Phoenix, AZ
Robert Wood, Fairbanks, AK
Army chaplain for the unit
PV2 Scanlon, Hampton Rds., VA
SPC Miller, Maple Grove, MN
PFC Stevens, Jackson, MI
Staff Sergeant Christopher Lee Bush, New York
Sergeant 1st Class Tom Anderson, Florida
Specialist Joseph Baker, Lebanon, MO
Sergeant Neal Roddy, Carlisle, PA
Specialist Doll, Mackay, ID
Murray W. Jones, HHC 1/37 AR HQ PLT
Prince George, VA
Captin Stephen E. Capehart HHC 1-37 AR Executive Officer
Lt. Col. Garry Bishop, Battalion Commander for 1st Battalion, 37 Armor Division in Baghdad

And May Ying Welsh, my long-lost friend from San Francisco, surprisingly reunited in Baghdad after 6 years. She's now working for Al-Jazeera TV in Baghdad, I am proud of you!